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Sage & Smudge:
The Ultimate Guide


Sage and Smudge: The Ultimate Guide

About Diane Ronngren

Diane RonngrenMy earliest memories revolve around the ceremonies of our culture: the cake, lit candles, songs and celebrations of a birthday; the scent of the special sage dressing baking with the turkey that our family would soon enjoy, as we sat together around a table laden with both food and decorations to celebrate the harvest time, and our bounty; Christmas morning celebrations at church, people dressed in their finest, the candles glowing, and the scent of the holiday perfumes in the air: cinnamon, brightly-dressed fir trees and wreaths, warm, fruity punch and pudding or pie--all delights that waited for us when we came home from from church through the snow and cold, to celebrate the festive holiday together.

I remember the heady scent of herbs growing in my grandfather's garden, his tobacco smoke rising as he told me stories while we watched a sunset together on the porch, or at the lake in summer. He had come to this country from another, and I yearned to know more about my own extended family and the world he had inhabited in his youth. From this, I believe, I developed a curiosity about other cultures, other people, other traditions. And as I began to notice the different traditions of my friends' families, I absorbed the thought that while some of the traditions varied, the way people celebrated or mourned involved ceremony and ritual, that we shared common ground more than we were different from one another.

Over the many years since, I have traveled and lived in several countries, earned degrees in business and languages, and pursued both traditional and non-traditional careers. I have worked in adult education, international corporate management, diplomacy, and as an entrepreneur. Wherever I went, I found interesting topics to study, teachers to share their wisdom, ancient and new texts and techniques to explore.

Today, I work as a Professional Astrologer and Life Design Strategist. Writing this book is one way for me to share one aspect of what I have discovered as a result of my curiosity about traditions, ceremonies, history, beliefs, culture, and the wonderful people whose lives are enriched by the knowledge and information they have shared with me, and which I now share with you.

Use this book like you would any guidebook, to create your own sacred smoke rituals. You will find tips on how to select Sage and Smudge herbs and a variety of sacred smoke "tools" commonly used in personal ceremonies and rituals. Use all of this information to enhance your spiritual and metaphysical connection to your Universe, to the Power you believe in.

Find out how to cleanse negative energy and clear your personal space. Heal your relationship to the world you live in and share with those you love. Use any of the ceremonies described in this book to enhance your own focus on the issues in your life, on your prayers, your vision, your hopes, and your wishes. Empower yourself by creating your own ceremonies as you become more familiar with the benefit of personal Sage and Smudge rituals for clearing and healing your personal space.

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